Billing FAQs

Please Note: We cannot accept University credit cards (Pro Cards) for payment. Thank you for your understanding.

The billing process begins with the initiation of your project. There are different payment options to keep in mind when choosing the one that will work best for your department. You may choose to set up a standing ID or to use non-standing ID’s to pay for each individual project. Any special billing needs should be discussed with either the PDS Director or the Accounts Coordinator and must be approved prior to the commencement of your project. We will be happy to accommodate your department to the best of our ability!

Standing ID’s

You may choose to set up a standing ID with the PDS to pay for all projects completed throughout the year. When setting up your standing ID we will require the following information: a signed ID indicating the department name, fund, department code, program and the name and address of the person to whom the billing statements should be sent.  When initiating your projects throughout the year, please indicate that you have a standing ID with the PDS on your Project Initiation Form.

Non-Standing ID’s

If your department chooses not to maintain a standing ID with the PDS, an ID must be submitted during the Project Initiation stage. Please indicate the ID number to be charged on your Project Initiation form and forward the sign copy to your project coordinator or to: Accounts Coordinator, Printing & Distribution Services, Suite 104, Hawkins Building.

Special Arrangements

If you should have special billing needs, please contact the Accounts Coordinator at x2240, prior to the commencement of your project. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to produce an invoice for billing purposes. An invoice may be necessary when payment of a mailing will be shared between departments or with another organization. This type of billing must be approved prior to the mailing of your project.


Billing statements are generated throughout the month and mailed to each department’s billing contact. These statements indicate the chartstring that was charged and show a breakdown of charges generated by project.

In order to identify your charges, your statement will show each project’s work order number, project name, piece count, the ID number charged, service charges and postage charges. If you should have any questions regarding your billing statements, please refer to the work order number as a reference to the project.

Journal entries are prepared at the end of each billing cycle and are posted to the General Ledger System. These entries are posted on the system using the ID# and the last 3 digits of the Work Order number to identify that they have come from the PDS.

Account Codes

Service charges for our department will be found under the account code 562409. Postage charges will be found using one of two account codes. The code 560302 will reflect charges for any pieces that were mailed domestically, whereas the 560301, the account code for freight, will indicate the charges for any pieces that were mailed internationally. If you should have any difficulty using the Ledger System to identify your charges, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Payment Process at a Glance

  • Submit an ID when completing the Project Initiation Form.
  • Receive a PDS statement mid month and/or month end showing project costs.
  • Check the General Ledger to ensure that the totals shown on your statement for service and postage charges are accurate.
  • Call the PDS Accounts Coordinator at x2240 with questions regarding your statement.
  •  File your billing statements for future reference.